my oh my

I have just returned from a 2 week stint in the psych ward of my hospital. Very interesting bardo. I'm diagnosed bi polar and was off my meds for about a year...i was function decently as a result of spiritual practice but the fine line of sanity became a lot smaller. Long story short I started to not sleep and basically started falling a part. I went into the hospital to take a 2 week nap basically and have returned to suffer some more! Maitreya is my main dude right now and thats what occupies my "mind" when i need it. Raymo is the next best thing to Maitreya so i gotta give mad props to him yo. He let the rest of the redundicants know what was up.

in love and light!

-Dyer, Andrew


gene said...

I know about the extremes of bipolar first hand from family experience, and one of my main reasons for getting into meditation practice was due to studies I've read about meditation-based therapy and other meditation-related mental health benefits.

Best wishes man.

Raymo.E-J said...

word, Brother(s). &Sisters