a little video research

I've been thinking about the jukai ceremony lately, the formal ceremony where a person accepts Buddhist precepts and takes vows. I've been wondering if I want to do it myself or not, and where my practice should go in general. I found a video of an American jukai ceremony online, and watched all 45 minutes of it.

Here is another one of many interesting videos I ran across, this one just happens to be very short. Never been a smoker myself, but I like the part where the monks light up.

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Clemente said...

It's been really surprising for me to see all those monks smoking! I understand the video was recorded a long time ago, and that there are so many schools of Buddhism that maybe not all of them strongly discourage drugs consumption, but it should be obvious for any smoker how dependent they become of their habit (nowadays it is known to be one of the most addictive drugs there are).
Very interesting.