Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

I friggin hate introductions.  I either come off like an arrogant d-nozzle or undercut whatever it was I was trying to say.  Seriously, you should read my old profile of OKCupid.  Or don't.  My lady probably would appreciate it if I deleted it.  Hmmmm...wonder if anyone's looked at it lately...

Anyway, Bruce Lee was once asked "Are you really that good?"

He shrugged and responded, "If I tell you I'm that good, you'll think I'm arrogant.  If I say I'm not...well, you'll know I'm lying!"

My name is MuSsang, or at least my Dharma name is.  It means the Unequaled.  I think my teacher had a sense of humor when he named me that.  Scratch that, I know he has a sense of humor.

When I took Precepts, I did it in front of a whole crowd, from sanghas up and down the East coast.  My family and friends were gathered.  Pohwa-seunim, my teacher, rattled off the list of precepts.  Then he gets to "To purify the spirit, do you vow not to engage in sexual misconduct?"

"Yes, I do," I said.

Pohwa-seunim, in full-on Seon Buddhist regalia, in the middle of the temple, in front of EVERYONE, leans over and says, "I'm sorry, what was that?  I couldn't hear you."

I look at him and repeat, "Yes, I vow not to engage in sexual misconduct."

Seunim paused for a moment, looks at me again and asks, "Are you sure?"

Love that guy.  Saved my life.

Time goes by and I'm now a lay Dharma teacher of the Blue Mountain Order, under Pohwa-seunim.  Which I guess brings me here to the Young Buddhist Blog.  I think I qualify.  I'm young.  I'm Buddhist.  With the exception guys like Noah Levine and Ethan Nictern, most of the other Dharma teachers I know are pushing 50 and beyond.  Especially in the Zen world.

Anyway, that's my introduction.


Victoria Zen Centre said...

Great introduction. I can totally identify with the name thing. My Dharma name (Eshu) means "surpassing wisdom".

Yeah...anyway, I always figured it was like getting a pair of big shoes. They are your shoes, but you need to do some serious growing to fit into them. Thanks for the introduction, I look forward to reading more.

Raymo.E-J said...

Welcome, MusSang. It's an honor to be graced by your presence and participation on this humble blog. Don't worry, I personally prefer introductions like yours. The more neurotic/self-conscious, the more intimate and enjoyable.

And thanks for the sneak peek into lay ordination ceremonies and especially alternative perspective to the over-represented serious, grave Zen Masters.