teachers everywhere

Everyone and everything in my life is a teacher.

People I don't like teach me how to deal compassionately with people I don't like. People I *do* like with habits I don't like teach me to deal compassionately with behaviors that I don't like. My constant struggle to maintain my daily sitting practice teaches me the value of my practice. Everything has a price. The aggressive pit bull that I had to deal with for several days recently reminded me that sometimes compassion requires firm and patient toughness*, not "being nice."

I hope you guys and gals have equally effective teachers, and have a great weekend too!

(*Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. By the end it was wagging tails and doggie treats for everyone.)


Raymo.E-J said...

Whoa, throwback!
OMG dude, I totally relate to this post. I'm in such an awkward position at work. But I have not yet lost my cool. I actually took a step forward after a couple of months working, said my peice, and then some, for the others, and gave kudos... I've got my fingers crossed.

((fyi:everyone is aversive of [the situation] where I work; I mean, like, everyone!))

Anonymous said...

oh, i feel for ya, i've had my share of "teachers" at work. good luck!