New Age

For awhile I was getting into some topics that people would throw under the heading new age. I read this book called the Ra Material and it was about this law called the law of one.

It basically says we're all one. OK I've heard that before and I thought it was a pretty basic principle. In this book a group of people host these meditation sessions where they receive transmissions from a group of aliens that call themselves Ra. They go on to talk about all these different dimensions (which they call densities) and a lot of it i can sense some buddhist/eastern roots in it. I suppose that's why I was attracted to it.

There's a local book store that hosts a Friday night forum where everyone discusses metaphysical topics. Psychics come in and "channel" angels and what not and people seem to be sincerely uplifted by this. There's a lot of talk about this event called ascension that we're all apparently going through. They even interchange it with enlightenment. I can best describe it as spiritual evolution. The more i've gone to these meetings though I've began to wonder, is this just another way for people to put their heads in the sand?

I feel like a lot of these beliefs are adopted because it makes them feel good. Instead of being with your problems and addressing them just call upon your angels to guide you.

I normally wouldn't give a rat's ass about what other people believe but this stuff gets pushed onto me by some of my friends and in response I've become much more of a realist. Or as the dude would say, "that's just your opinion man."

For me it's hard to believe such things because of the amount of suffering that is inherent in the world. For me I find much more comfort in the silence of sitting rather than praying that aliens will come solve our problems.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I like that. There is a Zen quote that is similar that I think of often: "No one can piss for you." I appreciate this aspect of Buddhism that emphasizes that when it comes down to it, facing yourself and reality are jobs you have to do alone.

I was an angry atheist in my teens and twenties. But Buddhism has mellowed me out. People believe all kinds of things... I don't worry about it anymore.