Memorial day

my family hates war
dad stood his ground against the draft
moms dad destroyed the italian fascist supply lines in a warhawk and then later watched the russians from space
brother sniped "middle easterners" who took shit way too seriously and got a leg concussion that resulted in amputation
fathers father sniped distant cousins called krout where the battlefront buldged
"I" write passionate stories in the form of music

memorial day is intended for those who died in battle. My clan all killed our "selves" to do this. We are american yogins. we died in service to others. there and back again. it has taken an infinite life times for us to get to this point.

Lord AZA Dyer The LADdie wrote this to the president for his first memorial day as commander in chief. lets take refuge and hope that the office doesnt remained attached to worldly concerns...

-the L.A.D.die.

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