Street Fighter Meditation

If there is a game that requires being in the present moment fully, it's street fighter. My friends have been handing me my ass to my (no)self for quite sometime. Gnarly statue in the background too. Speaking of that statue an ex girlfriend of mine has been traversing the high seas for school(something called semester at sea) and she visited thailand.
She actually got to take a picture beside said statue and I commented on her Facebook saying "Did you ever wonder why they call it the sleeping Buddha but his eyes are open?" to see if her tour guide had explained to her the significance of why the Buddha is just "cold kickin' it live" as the Beastie Boys would say. To my surprise(well maybe i wasn't) she replied back in typical fashion "oh he isn't sleeping he's actually dying so he's conscious." It was quite interesting to watch my ego set up it's defenses as i got quite irritated that she didn't realize that I had already knew that. It was like "OH SHIT, MY BUDDHA KNOWLEDGE IS UNDER ATTACK, DEFENSE FORMATIONS!" I don't even know if she knows that I practice and apparently judging from my response to her supposed correction, there's a lot more for me to practice


max said...

haha i can definitely relate to this post

Raymo.E-J said...

nice catch!

i believe this is exactly what the saying "if you see a buddha by the roadside kill him" is about. being buddha, or in this case, Buddhist, or a Dharma brother, is not to be made a spectacle.