A Lesson in Mindfulness

"Andrew I just finished grading the test. Did you not realize that you had to answer ALL of the essay questions? You answered only the first one. Your grade on the multiple choice was not bad, but losing 50 points on the essays kind of ruins the results. See me on Wednesday"

I just got this email seconds ago. Thanks to my practice thus far I am not flippin' the script but as you can see I have a loooonnng way to go. I took this test in my principles of management class. There was absolutely no reason to rush considering it was even OPEN NOTES.
But of course the ego took over and I flew threw it. When I came to the essay portion of the test there were a list of questions. In practically all previous classes I've had in college thus far, it has been a case of choose 1 or 2 questions from a pool of several. This is where conditioned existence kicked in. I could have just mindfully read the fucking directions and got a bearable grade. I have taken my first tests of the semester in all but one class and have failed them all so far. As the great Borat would say "great success!" I blame no one but myself for the lack of preparation and lack of mindfulness. I don't care if he lets me answer the rest of the questions or not. I definitely don't deserve a second shot. Here was the response I sent him:

"All I can say is wow. I suppose reading the directions more carefully next time would help. I've been quite used to selecting one essay question from a pool and answering accordingly. My lack of mindfulness amazes me. In my religious tradition we call that "conditioned existence" and it is a sure fire way to invite suffering into ones life. Thank you for this teaching.

sincerely, Andrew Harris "

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Anonymous said...

I like your attitude, taking responsibility for it. Sounds like a simple mistake to make. Hopefully he'll let you make up for it (maybe with new questions?).